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Professional MX Racer Rhys Carter offers both private and group coaching across New Zealand to help riders gain confidence and build their skills through on and off bike training.

With over 28 years experience riding motocross, Rhys has raced nationally and internationally from local club level to representing New Zealand at the Motocross of Nations. Rhys has been placed top of his class and throughout his racing career has always strived for excellence.


Through Carter Coaching, Rhys passes on his in depth knowledge and passion for the sport to up and coming riders.

Use the enquiry form to book in for an in-depth skills session either individually, as a group or as part of our School Holiday Camps.




1 on 1 for 2 hrs - $290

2 - 5 RIDERS

 2 hrs - $200 per rider

5 - 10 RIDERS

 4 hrs - $400 per rider

2  day intensive

8 hrs - $1200

Track fees are additional

"Rhys is a fantastic coach. He listens, watches and works with the rider. His explanations and instructions are clear. We've noticed a big improvement with our boys since starting with Rhys and they love training with him. 100% recommend Rhys."

Claire Clare 


 "Since our boys have started coaching with Rhys the improvement has been amazing, Rhys really is a great coach! No level is too low and his ability to work with the kids and get the best out of them with different approaches is certainly not something all coaches can do."

Jolanda Carroll

Central Hawkes Bay

"Over the past few years we have trialed several MX coaches in NZ and we have found that the level of training and instruction that Rhys (Carter Coaching) offers has benefited my son the most. Each time we train with Rhys the difference in riding skills and confidence in my son's riding is amazing. Rhys has a great ability to pick out each riders bad habits and correct them even when in a large group."

Jason Bell


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