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Riders and Legal Guardians (if Riders are under age 18) must read, understand, and sign to abide by and obey the below rules prior to taking part in motorcycle riding at Wilder Farm MX.


As organisers, we have made things as safe as reasonably practicable. You need to be aware that motorcycle riding can be dangerous. If for any reason you are uncomfortable with this risk or have any concerns, you need to raise them with Wilder Farm MX immediately. If we cannot alleviate your concerns, you should not participate in riding.


Your safety is our priority. Wilder Farm MX reserve the right to amend or add to the Track Rules at any time. Failure to comply with any of the below rules will result in removal from Wilder Farm MX and potential banning from future entry.


Track Rules include:


  • All riders must sign in before commencing riding

  • Ride slowly in the pit area (1st gear only)

  • Always wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle/ATV. We recommend fully protective clothing, especially for children (please see compulsory clothing requirements below)

  • All motorcycles must be in sound mechanical condition and may be subject to a random machine inspection. Wilder Farm MX reserve the right to stop you from entering the track if they have safety concerns.

  • Follow the instructions of organisers at all times

  • Be aware of hazards such as holes, fences, wire, rocks, ruts, mud, slippery and dry conditions

  • Please stay away from bridges, streams, troughs, dams - they are strictly out of bounds

  • Ride with caution and advise an organiser of any new or un-noticed hazards

  • Stay on the designated track - do not take shortcuts. All areas outside the marked track and pit area are out of bounds

  • Obey all arrows as per the signage on the track such as ‘wrong way’, slow down for potential danger. NEVER ride or push your machine backwards against the arrows

  • Stay to the left at all times (both on and off the track) unless you are passing out on the track. Remember that there are people and vehicles in the area

  • Ride within your capabilities and vision. It is the riders (and parents/guardians) responsibility to ride to the conditions on any given day. Riding with excessive speed or carelessness may result in an accident. Irresponsible riding will result in removal from the track and potential banning from future entry

  • If you are passing another rider, it is YOUR responsibility to pass safely. Be mindful of children and beginners – remember children have the right of way

  • If you break down, push your bike off the track to a safe position, but stay near the track where you can be seen. Wait for the organisers for assistance or send another rider for help

  • If injured, stay with your bike and wait for help. Try to move to a safe position where you can be seen. Try to make yourself safe and comfortable. The next rider on the scene must stop and assist the injured rider (if able to) Make sure the oncoming riders cannot hit the injured rider or yourself (Park your machine in a position it can easily be seen as a warning to other riders) The second rider on the accident scene (if possible) needs to get help. Flag an organiser down, or ride to the pit area to get medical help.

  • Notify organisers if you are injured (even small injuries need to be notified)

  • Wilder Farm MX is located on a working farm therefore dogs MUST always be on a leash

  • Any animals on the property or even straying onto the track are not to be approached. Please report any stray animals to organisers

  • Fires are NOT permitted​

  • There are no trained medical staff on site. If you have any Health and Safety concerns, please report to an organiser immediately

  • Please ensure you take all rubbish with you

  • Drugs and alcohol are not permitted

  • Spectators enter the track at their own risk. Anyone who enters the track area needs to take extreme care of oncoming bikes at all times. Children need the guidance of an adult.




  • Approved motorcycle helmet in good condition. The organisers reserve the right to stop you from riding if they have safety concerns.

  • Motocross boots that are well constructed.

  • Jerseys – long sleeved.

  • Motocross/durable long pants.

  • If cold or wet then a jersey or rain jacket. Thermals are recommended for winter months.

  • Gloves, goggles, kneepads and body armour are recommended for optimal rider safety.

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